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diverse talent
It's always hard to find the right people in a frontier industry, and the team at Acutehat understand this better than most. In our time working with them, they've brought us talented people from diverse backgrounds who share our passion for the work we're doing. That makes all the difference.
Al Morris, CEO
Al Morris
Koii Network
celebrating a founding engineer
We sourced a founding engineer through Kingsong and his team! They patiently helped us pinpoint our needs, identify 10 different candidates, and minded the process through a couple stressful and disappointing close calls to ultimately get to a candidate we are now celebrating as a new member of our team. Thanks, Acutehat!
Ben Kim, CEO
Ben Kim
outstanding service
Acutehat was very helpful in building up a team for our newest zk initiative.
Yuan Su, CTO
Yuan Su
great experience
We had a great experience working with Acutehat to find the right fit for our blockchain positions.
Lida Tang, CEO
Lida Tang
Acutehat was instrumental in finding a skillful project manager for our team.
Shawn Mohr, Senior Operations Director
Shawn Mohr
Senior Operations Director


what we have to say about recruiting
What is Acutehat?

Acutehat is a contingency recruitment firm that works directly with companies to source and refer candidates. We sign a contract with the company and only charge a commission upon successfully hiring a candidate that we refer.

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Crafting Your Interview Process

Hiring is important. A company is a collection of people and processes—and having great people is essential to success. Bad employees lead to inefficiency and poor work culture. However, a great interview process can drastically improve your chances of making a great hire.

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Acutehat’s Approach To Hiring

The biggest mistake that hiring managers make is judging candidates based on their ability to give good interviews. They let feelings, biases, stereotypes, and first impressions guide their decision-making. To recruit and hire the best people, set up a system based on knowing what the job entails. This is Power Hiring, which suggests screening five basic components

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